Two new bikes Honda CZ-i110 and Click-i both with PGM-FI

Honda takes the lead in the motorcycle market by introducing CZ-i 110 and Click-i, the two newest models equipped with advanced PGM-FI technology that will lead to a new riding era. The green technology includes 3 key benefits; fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions and better engine performance. Honda also features "Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew", a hot singer as its new presenter for Click-i , the first A.T. model with PGM-FI in Thailand. The company targets sales of CZ-i 110 and Click-i to reach 8,000 and 25,000 units per month respectively.

"Starting this year, Honda has set a 3-year goal to be" The No. 1 most admired company that is at the forefront of the environmental issue," said Zenjiro Sakurai, President for A.P. Honda Co., Ltd.

He continued, "We have announced the basic policy to the world that all the motorcycles produced and sold in Thailand will be equipped with the advanced PGM-FI technology, which helps reduce CO2 emissions that pollute the air, reduce fuel consumption and enhance engine performance. We are the first company within the Honda group to announce this type of environmental policy in Asia and in Thai motorcycle industry."

With the PGM-FI system, the new Honda motorcycles will have the following attributes; improved fuel economy by 18% (ECE 40 MODE) and ability to use E20 fuel, reduced emissions meeting the Emission Standards at level 6 prior to its official announcement. The emission rate is only 1/5 of the Standards at level 5 and 1/2 at level 6.

PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is Honda's patented technology and now in its 3rd generation in the Thai motorcycle market with the first 2 generations of PGM-FI technology applied in the Wave 125i during 2003 and 2005.

In the 3rd generation, PGM-FI is controlled by an electronic control unit called "the Engine Control Unit" (ECU) that works together with other advanced engine technologies such as fuel injection, fuel pump, throttle body featuring Idle Air Control Valve (I.A.C.V.), Offset, Heaterless Oxygen Sensor and honeycomb shaped Catalyzer with over 300 cells.

Honda introduced 2 new motorcycle models equipped with the PGM-FI system; Honda CZ-i 110 and Honda Click-i. Under the concept of "The New Advanced Basic Commuter for the Next Generation", Honda CZ-i 110 is the best designed vehicle for urban lifestyles that serves target consumers as a 'New Buddy for the City Life'. CZ-i is outstanding with its cool sporty look and design on the super sport model of "Compressed Triangle" concept. It also includes a Single Head Light, a multi-reflector light that is built into the front body frame, a compact fin-shaped Front Cowling that reduces drag, a compact meter design with complete instrumentation, a sport engine cover and U-Box, a multi-purpose storage box under the seat.

A new stylish rear cowling and foot pegs, a slick black rear grab, oval sport muffler, single-cylinder front disc brakes as well as key shutter, a double layer of protection. After the installation of the PGM-FI system in the CZ-i 4-stroke 110 cc engine, it achieved fuel efficiency of 57 km./liter or a 18% fuel saving over the previous 100 cc model (according to ECE 40 Mode), and 25% better torque.

CZ-i 110 comes in 3 different two-tone styles: White Red Solid, Blue Silver Sapphire and Dark Black Silver. It will be sold from now onwards for 36,700 baht during the promotion and for 38,400 baht at its normal price. Sales are expected to reach 8,000 units per month.

Honda Click-i is Thailand's first A.T. model that is equipped with PGM-FI technology and a total new look in robotic style reflecting its unique bodywork. It's even more sharp with a Ray Duo Head Light, Luminous Meter, Jet Tail Light, large Rear Grab, robot-like graphics, U-Box, Front Inner Box and Key Shutter.

Click-i is fully equipped with innovative safety systems such as a Combi Brake that distributes braking power between the front and rear wheels when only the left brake lever is activated, Parking Brake that works the same way as a car's hand brake preventing the motorcycle from moving even when parked on a slope, Side Stand Switch that causes the engine to shut down as soon as the side stand is lowered to prevent hazards caused by forgetting to pull up the side stand before starting the bike. Additionally, it is a 4-stroke 110 cc engine with built-in liquid cooling which also includes V-Matic Transmission using a long-lasting reinforced steel belt.

According to ECE 40 Mode riding tests, it achieves fuel efficiency of 49 km./liter or 16% fuel saving over the previous Click, and 80% lower emissions compared to Emission Standard at level 5.

To reflect its modern and cool image, Honda has chosen Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew, a famous singer-artist, as the new presenter of the Click-i which comes in 2 different series; Click-i Tune-up and Click-i Forward. The first version has a normal wheel type, and comes in 4 colors; Black Mobile Suit, Green Black Kryptonite, Blue Black Atomic, and White Black Space, while the other version has max wheels and the Combi Brake system, and comes in 3 colors; Night Black Armour, White Black Galaxy, and Red Black Destiny.

They will be sold from August 6, 2008 onwards. The Click-i Tune-up is 45,700 baht during the promotion and 47,400 baht at its normal price. The Click-i Forward is 49,300 baht during the promotion and 51,000 baht at its normal price. Sales are expected to reach 25,000 units per month.

"In order to demonstrate the outstanding quality of PGM-FI technology, we are offering users a 5 year or 50,000 km warranty on the PGM-FI system which includes fuel injection, accelerating pump, Engine Control Unit (ECU), throttle body, throttle position sensor, temperature of the fuel vapor sensor and O2 sensor. Together, we have also trained over 1,428 Honda service centers and 5,919 repair & maintenance centers nationwide on PGM-FI Technology," Zenjiro Sakurai concluded.
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Monday, 29 September 2008 @ 12:54 AM ICT
Can anyone get me some info on importing the Honda to the states?
thank you


Friday, 15 May 2009 @ 11:52 PM ICT
I can import it yo the USA for you by Sea container - I have 2 of them for sale.
email to me I will give you more information photos etc.